Atlanta Food Truck Park

Food trucks are so in right now, they're practically out. Atlanta Food Truck Park - The City Dweller (9)

Indeed, food trucks have popped up all over the city, and with good reason: they're artisanal, sell tasty food, are hella convenient, and carry a unique city vibe.

Kind of like grabbing a meal to go at a New York City hotdog stand. There's a vibe to that, ya know?

Atlanta Food Truck Park - The City Dweller (1)

We Atlantans like anything that gets us out of our cars. That's why we're gaga for the Atlanta BeltLine and the way it connects our city.

Back to food trucks... have you visited the Atlanta Food Truck Park yet?

The  folks behind the Atlanta Food Truck Park want you to consider the space as one that knits together a tapestry of community, a place where people enjoy experience food and drink, browse local art, pick up local fresh produce, have a picnic, socialize with coworkers, and more.

Located on a refurbished vacant lot that used to be home to a hotel, the food truck park sits on nearly three acres in West Midtown, and offers plenty of parking and green space to enjoy.

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Everything about this place invites you to come and sit awhile.

It's like you slowly feel your shackles lowering. As my friend Steve and I flitted from one truck to the next, each with unique names like Crepe Suzette and Grilldabeast, it already began to feel like a familiar place.

After ordering from the gyro truck, we set our things down on a covered picnic table to go order something else from another truck.

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Our sampler from The Flightless Byrd was a stunner. I swear, this is one of the only pictures I could grab before we unabashedly demolished it.

Here lies the only proof that it existed:

Atlanta Food Truck Park - The City Dweller (7)

Salmon slider on the tenderest, warmest bread I've ever tasted, turkey falling off the bone, and lemon pepper french fries topped in jalapeno. Le sigh. #theregoesmygirlishfigure

We ate the gyros as well, though I didn't even attempt to get pictures of them. By the time we were ready to tuck into those, my hands were a BBQ-coated masterpiece. No touching the Nikon under those conditions.

But I could definitely touch the shaved ice and King of Pops treats we had for dessert. Atlanta Food Truck Park - The City Dweller (8)

You'll find the food truck park at 1850 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA!