Dream Cars at the High Museum


Dream Cars - High Museum - The City Dweller (6) Atlanta is lucky to have a world-class museum nestled right in the heart of the city.

The High Museum of Art, located at 1280 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309, attracts exhibits from Frida Kahlo, the Louvre, Salvador Dali, and everything in between, including its current stunning exhibit, Dream Cars.

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If you love vintage automobiles and a clean aesthetic, you’ve got until September 7th, 2014 to see this beautiful collection.

Dream Cars artfully displays 17 of the rarest and most imaginative concept cars designed by Ferrari, Bugatti, General Motors, and Porsche.

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You can see the exhibit during normal museum hours, but I’m looking forward to catching it after-hours, during Friday Night Music Remix.

On the third Friday of the month, the High hosts Friday Night Music Remix (formerly known as Friday Night Jazz), a fun event in which a live band plays music at the High from 5pm to 10pm while visitors browse the entire museum.

So you can roam Dream Cars with a live soundtrack of music… AND cocktails! Talk about a fun twist on the traditional happy hour.

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I’ve attended Friday Night Music Remix many times over the years and it’s always fun. It’s a casual but classy evening, and you’re free to remain in the atrium and watch the musicians, or you may choose to roam the 312,000 square foot museum while the music floats up and around you.

The event attracts a diverse crowd of music and art lovers, and the dress code ranges from cocktail-casual to jeans. Admission is between $10 and $18 (free for Members) and offers you five hours to explore both the permanent collections as well as the special exhibits.

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As far as date ideas go, this one’s a winner because it’s a step outside the norm, exposes you to new music and art, provides for much conversation, and offers opportunities to socialize and make new friends. Atlanta residents and tourists will enjoy an evening like this.

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Plus there’s something fun about hanging out at the museum at night. In my experience, nothing has come to life like in the movie Night at the Museum, but I’m holding out hope. You know there are certain paintings that just follow you with their eyes…

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