The Ice Cream Bar Launch Party

The Ice Cream Bar Launch Party

You ever have one of those nights that start off great and just veer into the incredible? One of those nights that just sort of take on a magical quality that surprises and delights you and makes you giggle on the inside?

That was my night a few days ago, when I attended the launch party for The Ice Cream Bar. Taking place at Ventanas, a gorgeous event venue nestled right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this party was super chill, super delicious, and filled with skyviews that you wanted to drink in for days and days.

Like this one:

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (15)

But first let me tell you about the ice cream.

The main thing you need to know is that it's genius:

The Ice Cream Bar is a new company launching this month that cleverly combines ice cream with alcohol. Expanding beyond the initial company Frozen Pints, which specialized in beer-based ice cream, The Ice Cream Bar offers a variety of ice cream and sorbet made with liqueur, craft beer, and alcohol.

And if you think the infusions are slight, think again: each pint of the liquor-infused ice cream and sorbets delivers more than 8 % alcohol by volume! Combine that with popular cocktails like White Russian, Bourbon-inspirations, and even mojitos (a personal favorite), and regular ice cream just got a whole lot more interesting. (And much more grown up.) Y

ou, uh, won't find this on your neighborhood ice cream truck, that's for sure! In a city as hot as Atlanta, a treat like this helps you cool off and get a buzz.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (6)

The tagline of "proof in every scoop" is dead clever. ;-)

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (8)

I had more than one of the samples of bourbon butter pecan, I'll admit. I definitely appreciate a good bourbon, so this became a fast favorite, and paired nicely with my cocktail of choice: a Kentucky mule.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (5)

In fact, I actually considered plopping my ice cream right in my glass, but decided against it because I didn't want to be "that girl", lol. But the funny thing was, when I began talking with one of the owners, Ari Fleischer, he completely cosigned on the idea! Which I totally should've anticipated.

When you're with people who've come up with such a fun and decadent product like this, of course they would think of playful ways to consume and enjoy it.

Meet the two lovely interns who scooped for us and answered many questions....

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (7)

... and join me on the patio for lovely skyviews and a brilliant sunset. Ventanas sure is one beautiful venue.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (9)

And that's the thing. I would've been perfectly delighted with an evening that ended right there. But then something interesting happened while I was standing on the patio talking with Ari.

One of the lovely ladies at Caren West PR popped over and asked to steal Ari away for a sec; they wanted to capture a group photo of the owners before all of the daylight was gone. They were going up on the helipad to capture it.

My ears instantly perked up. Not only had I no qualms at all about putting our conversation on pause, I was keen to go along with them. After all, I did bring the Nikon.

Off to the helipad at the tip top of Ventanas we went...

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (11)


For some VIPs tonight. #proofineveryscoop #ICBlaunch A photo posted by The Ice Cream Bar (@theicecreambar) on

...and soon emerged to a 360 degree view of Atlanta downtown like I've never seen before.

Cheers to the whole team at The Ice Cream Bar! The three owners are in the middle.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (13)

After capturing that photo, we all just enjoyed the moment.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (16)

How often do you get a 365 degree view of Atlanta's downtown and Midtown?? No walls to obscure your vision, no windows to peer through. Open air. Freedom. And so, so much beauty.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (18)

The SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel twinkled in the setting sun.

Below is my favorite photo because you can see the marking on the helipad.

In my fantasy, a helicopter is on its way to scoop us up and jet us off to Martinique or someplace tropical.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (15)

We even got silly.

The Ice Cream Bar - Atlanta - The City Dweller (17)

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What a win for The Ice Cream Bar. Such a fun night will forever be tattooed in my memory and associated with such a delicious brand.