Sun & Surf in Cancun

For Christmas, I decided to gift myself a trip to the beach. My only requirements were gorgeous ocean water, warm weather, an all-inclusive deal, an absence of children, and a glorious king-sized bed.

I found everything I needed and more at Secrets the Vine in Cancun, Mexico!

You can't imagine my excitement as my departure date neared.

I had worked hard all year, barely had time for my beloved blog, and it was time to unwind and relax.

I thankfully had a week off from the office (and it wasn't even vacation time!), but my boyfriend didn't have as much time off during the holidays as I did. There wasn't anyone else I wanted to go with on this particular trip, so this senorita trotted off solo!

Have you ever just wanted to be alone? To sleep as much as you want, sinking betwixt sheets as soft as clouds, ocean waves lapping in the distance, platters of food at your beck and call, sun and salty sea air just outside your door?

That's exactly what I wanted.

The resort greeted me with champagne at check in, and I settled into my room as night began to fall.

The open balcony doors infused my room with fragrant balmy air, so different from the dreary winter I'd left behind.

The view was pitch black, but I was rewarded the next morning.

Perfect ocean hues as far as the eye can see!

The whole trip was just lovely. Enjoy a few sights and sounds from my stay.

The weather was fantastic, always warm, but sometimes windy and overcast. If I have to deal with any kind of winter weather, I'll take this kind!

The ocean called my name every day.

There were quite a few other people who'd decided to spend Christmas in the Caribbean! Glad I wasn't the only one.

I love Christmas time, but I don't feel like it's the only or main time that I see my family. In fact, I'm the curmudgeon who doesn't like when holidays tell me when to feel or do something; it just seems disingenuous for me personally.

But I respect and love how the holidays make other people feel.

If you like it, I love it! Cheers!

Speaking of edibles, I didn't get many pictures of my meals, but the food was fantastic.

Secrets the Vine has about six full restaurants on the property, meaning I could flit from one to the other like a bumble bee pollinating sunflowers all day.

My favorite snack? These nachos.

Not exactly the best for bikini wear, lol! But (and this is key) this. is. my. vacation.

Nachos for everyone!! ☺

All in all, this trip was awesome.

And I met a cool chica who was taking a solo trip as well!

Shouts out to Ester and all the other female solo travelers out there going for it!

I wonder where 2017 will take me... :-)

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