Street Art: Edgewood Ave

Edgewood Ave is peppered with more than a dozen examples of street art within a four block radius! Next time you're in the area enjoying one of the many restaurants, bars, or clubs that make this street so eclectic, be sure to check out the artwork around you.

Much of it is so big and bold, you couldn't miss it if you tried, lol.

Let's dive into a few of them!

This piece is called Sunrise over Edgewood, by Gaia and Nanook.

It doesn't look like the art on this wall is fully integrated - the man's face sits atop a black and white swirling mass - but it's one of my favorites.

I love the rich, blazing, sunset hue of his face.

And I love that, despite the artwork behind it, and even the two windows in the middle of his face, you still are arrested by the look in his eye, the tightness of his pursed lips, the sheer magnitude of an enormous, building-sized face in front of you.

Further down the street is this gem:

The pop of yellow background is so kinetic and so alive, and this piece by Neuzz brings a decidedly different art aesthetic to the street.

I love the little morbid bumble bee.

Update: it looks like the wall this piece was painted on crumbled away. Probably the weather or just old age, rather than vandalism. But it's sad to see one of my favorites gone. We loved it while it lasted!

Slightly tucked away is this piece:

Now, since we know I love color, this piece at first glance seems kind of boring.

I don't know who the man is, and it appears to be more photorealistic than murals tend to be. Plus, it kind of looks like a corporate headshot. (Does this man want to be my realtor?)


When you take into account that this image is comprised entirely of carefully spaced lines that widen and contract at varying intervals, thus conveying not only the shadows of his face, but the very contours of it, including eyes, nose, jowls, lips, and more?

This piece is a downright stunner!

I haven't found info on the name of this piece or the artist, but kudos to him or her!

Not far away, you'll find this abstract work:

The geometry and complimentary colors, and the way it leads your eyes left to right tell a story.

What do you see?

I'm thinking that maybe this is a visual representation of sound.

Like, on the left, there are the thoughts that float in our mind. Passing through the white circle, the thoughts take shape, gain some substance, coalesce into cohesive sentences, plans, actions. Then we open our mouths, and roar!

Too deep? OK. Lol.

A block or two away from The Sound Table is this piece by Joshua Ray Stephens.

Edgewood - Street Art - The City Dweller (4)

It seems to kind of scream "east meets west"... a lavender Hindu-esk figure with two extremely all-American, blue-eyed guys in t-shirts approaching, slack jawed.

Edgewood - Street Art - The City Dweller (3)

Guess words failed them at the sight something so majestic...?

Edgewood - Street Art - The City Dweller (6)

I feel the same way sometimes, when I'm in front of cool street art. :-)