Street Art: Downtown Atlanta

I love it when art isn't restricted to just canvases or picture frames. In fact, I love it best when it's on the side of a building. #streetart Downtown - Street Art - The City Dweller (7)

Especially when it combines a message that I love, with lyrics that bring me back to the 90s and middle school. You remember this gem by Big Pun, right?

Tell me that link doesn't bring back fuzzy memories! (Maybe it's just me, because I grew up in a town with a large Puerto Rican population and became an honorary boriqua by the time I was 15, lol.) (RIP, papi chulo.)

Anyway, I love how this street art uses pop music to make reading cool.

Even if the book is upside down, lol:

Downtown - Street Art - The City Dweller (6)

You might think this is Photoshopped, but these 4-foot tall words are really there; there really is a building in downtown Atlanta that has this bold, bright, drop-shadowed art painted across the awnings of three shops.  If you want to see it yourself, you'll find it on Broad St, between Mitchell St SW and Martin Luther King Dr SW.

You may be wondering what the story behind this art is. Well, to be honest, I cannot tell you. When I visited here, I just kind of darted out of my car, snapped the pics, and hopped back in.

I found the street to be a smidge on the dodgy side, and there was a group of men just starting at me on my left, so I made the executive decision to find out the story with this building some other time.

But as far as art is concerned, this is the street that keeps on giving. Right across the road, more color awaits:

Downtown - Street Art - The City Dweller (4)

Like a Crayola box exploded.

The entire brick building was coated in hues of canary yellow, sky blue, yoke orange, onyx black, cotton candy pink, and splotches of cloud white.

Downtown - Street Art - The City Dweller (9)

Downtown - Street Art - The City Dweller (2)

And if you thought THAT was it, think again.

Downtown - Street Art - The City Dweller (3)

We're patriotic on this street, dammit.

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