10 Date Ideas in Atlanta


Date Night When it comes to dating in Atlanta, the good news is, you’re really only limited by your imagination.

From pubs to music venues, wineries to museums, Atlanta bends over backwards to offer experiences that help you set the stage for interesting conversation, quality time together, and delicious memories made.

Check out this list of ten ideas that are slightly different from the normal suggestions to get you started.

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1. Go to the Drive-in. Atlanta is a lucky to have a drive-in theater located just a few minutes off 20 East. It’s called the Starlight Drive-In, and not only can you watch movies that are currently in major theaters, it’s quite a bit cheaper, not to mention more retro. $8 per person gets you through the gate – and you can bring pizza, sandwiches, beverages, and whatever other munchies you want (which is rather frowned upon in the traditional movie theater), as well as buy concessions on-site. You could, in fact, bring lawn chairs and a portable grill; it’s entirely up to you! Also, there are two movies shown per screen each night, so you pay once for a double-feature. Great way to snuggle up and have a fun night under the stars.

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2. Sign up for a Fun Run. If you both prefer to get your blood pumping and work up an appetite, then consider signing up for a fun run. There are several companies that organize these non-competitive, obstacle course-laden, highly muddy athletic events, and if you want a departure from the typical dinner and a movie date, then this is a great daytime option. Working together as a team will help you bond, and crossing the finish line together will be cause for some (very dirty) celebratory smooches.

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3. Take a class together. Whether it’s sushi-making or wine tasting, acrobatic yoga or beekeeping, Atlanta’s got loads of interesting classes out there, many of which are featured on daily deal sites. (You don’t have to buy the daily deal to be inspired by what’s out there!) By checking out classes that are out of the norm, you may discover a new passion, a new skill, and a new favorite food… or at least have an interesting night out!

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4. Sip your way through a brewery tour. New breweries are popping up all over the country, and Atlanta’s got several good ones. Good thing they also open their doors for tours, where you get a behind-the-scenes look at the beer-making process and usually get to taste the products as well. Great way to uncover new favorites.

5. Browse a garden. When we take a moment to spend time with nature, it is amazing how often stress and the fast pace of city life just melt away. Plants are not only beautiful to look at; they often have a soothing affect as you walk among them. There are many options to visit, from Atlanta Botanical Garden to gardens a little further away like Callaway or Gibbs Garden.

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6. Volunteer together. Atlanta has a plethora of volunteer opportunities, and it’s not all feeding the homeless (though that is a very worthy volunteer activity). Once you get to know the mission of some of these organizations, you might really take pride in participating in that mission. One in particular is called the Global Soap Project, which takes the barely-used soaps discarded from hotels (2 million tons a day nationwide) and sanitizes them, melts them into new bars, and distributes them to poor countries worldwide. See? Isn’t that a cause worth giving some of your time? You and your honey can work together on that.

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7. Go to a dinner party. Either host one yourselves, or check out one of the “underground dinner parties” that are hosted all over Atlanta, often at private homes. Just do a quick Google search to see which ones appeal to you, usually for around $50 to $80 per person for several courses and a wine pairing. The menus are usually prepared by professional chefs who are off the clock, and you’re bound to expand your palate and your social circle.

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8. Stargaze. Because of Atlanta’s many city lights, this one might be a bit of a challenge with the naked eye, but one way around that is to check out the Fernbank Science Center's Dr. Ralph L. Buice, Jr. Observatory. Free to the public on Thursday and Friday nights, you can peer through the largest telescope in the southeastern United States, and there will be an astronomer nearby to answer questions.

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9. Check out Atlanta’s awesome street art. Atlanta has some amazing examples of colorful, powerful, community-driven street art. If you want to see some of it for yourself – and take a bunch of fun Instagram pictures alongside it – check out the website for Living Walls; since this public art collective is the creative force behind several examples of the street art, their website is an excellent place to gather information about locations and artists.

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10. Get up high. Atlanta’s gorgeous canopy of trees and spectacular skyscrapers are beautiful to appreciate from the ground, but even better when viewed from the air. Consider taking a helicopter ride around the city, or dining at one of Atlanta’s many tall restaurants like the Sundial, or taking a spin on the Ferris Wheel! This is sure to take your relationship to new heights.

Let us know if these ideas spark new sparks with your date!

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