Shaky Beats

Shaky Beats was amazing! Kicking off on Friday May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!), the music festival exploded into a weekend of deep bass, sick beats, and more dancing than I’ve done in years!

After a soggy start on Friday, the weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday and Sunday, prompting everyone to come out and soak up the sun in their best festival wear.

Thousands of us poured into Centennial Olympic Park to rock out to an amazing lineup of 45 different artists and DJs, on three different stages.

The stage PEACHTREE was massive, and featured acts like The Chainsmokers (!), Flosstradamus (!), Little Dragon (!), Girltalk, and Haywyre. PIEDMONT stage featured acts like Flatbush Zombies (!), Lost Kings, Party Favor, Crywolf, and Bad Royale. And PONCE DE LEON stage featured acts like Pouya, Kaiydo, and DJ Canvas. See the full lineup here.

Feast your eyes on some of these incredible pics, courtesy of  the amazing team at aLIVE Coverage!

Photo Credit: aLIVE Coverage FB: Twitter: @aLIVECoverage IG: @alivecoverage Website:

This festival is so well done. Everything from the awesome stages and sound system, to the high definition screens that projected crystal clear footage even if you were waaaay in the back, the amazing variety of food trucks, the accessible water stations, the way that they kept in communication with attendees via their app and social media... Shaky Beats is definitely one of the best festivals I've been to. They truly know how to put on a good show for their audience. (Unlike the flops behind the Fyre Festival fiasco, gross.) When you feel like you're in good hands, it's easy to just close your eyes, let that bass rattle you down to your bones, and feel the euphoria wash over you.

I'm still coasting on the endorphins of this weekend!

And Centennial Olympic Park is the perfect venue for a festival like this: it's centrally located downtown, right across the street from the train station, and it offers gorgeous views of the skyscrapers (and Ferris wheel!) that surround you.

If you missed Shaky Beats this year, be sure to go next year!!