High Museum & Little Trouble

A few weeks ago, my friend Natalie invited me to Art After Dark, hosted by the High Museum's Young Professionals. The promise of cocktails, live music, fellow art-lovers, and four floors of exhibits to explore in one of my favorite Atlanta attractions made me say "yes" immediately.

We bustled in from the brisk night air and, after playing in the photo booth, made a beeline for the ramp that ribbons its way up the museum, peeking in on different floors on our way to the top.

No matter how many times I've seen the permanent collection, it never gets old for me. For example, these two pieces of functional art steal my heart every time:

There's something about the circles, the rings, the concentric shapes on the couch and the topographical relief on the chair, that I really dig.

What I wouldn't give to be stylish enough to have modern furniture like this in my house! City dweller though I am, I fear I'm not that avant-garde, so pieces like this will have to stay in the museum for now.

We browsed more pieces

and made a friend

before heading to my favorite wing, the Wieland Pavilion, which features modern and contemporary collections.

This art piece ^ is curved like the surface of your eye, and it refracts sound, amplifying even the smallest whisper spoken in front of it so that someone across the room can hear you as clearly as if you spoke loudly right to them. Of course we tested it.

And also captured this cool kaleidoscope effect (I'm standing in the lower center):

We wandered from section to section, taking in the new collections, all of which are worth spending time in.

Even the benches are art:

We soon stumbled upon the latest exhibit and got lost in a serene world.

Right next to a cave of purple bubbles:

I recommend a trip to the High to experience these exhibits for yourself!

Before long, the museum docents began turning the lights out on us, so we headed outside, bellies growling for some tapas and a nightcap.

Natalie, the consummate photographer, noticed a interesting backdrop for photos.

I told Nat to "give me Beyonce", and the wind obliged! #hair

We hopped in the car and headed for trouble... Little Trouble, that is, in west midtown.

This cute after-hours spot, located off of Howell Mill, is known for its cocktails and Asian-fusion small plates.

Not to mention is Instagram-worthy wall of lighted art.

Cheers to a good night!