Outkast #ATLast!

Did you go to Outkast #ATLast concert? Did it give you life, like it gave me? I'm still twitching. The concert took place in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, on Sept 26, 27, and 28. Tickets sold out so fast that I relinquished all hope of attending. So I made peace with God about it, and accepted that I wasn't going.

But then my best friend said she had tickets, and the Red Sea parted!

Here we all are, in full Outkast mode:

The whole crew at #Outkast #ATLast ??

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As you know, I went to TomorrowWorld (it was incredible) the day before, so I was entirely wrung out. But I definitely pulled together some energy for Outkast.

You see, Outkast has been part of my entire experience in Atlanta, and I've been here off and on since I was seventeen. These hits right here are part of the soundtrack of my adult life.

Hey Ya:

So Fresh, So Clean:


Top ten compilation:

PRESS PLAY ► for a little video of the experience:


TomorrowWorld was yesterday, #Outkast was today. You already know ?

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It just meant a lot to be there. The energy was sick and the whole crowd rose together to sing the words that we've all known for years.

And oh man, were we lucky when Erykah Badu came out on stage! She and Andre 3000 have a child together, and not only are they talented musicians individually, but it's great to see that they support each other (even if the relationship didn't work out). It seems like they have a family dynamic that is rooted in friendship and love, and that is always beautiful to see.

Andre 3000 has a way of communicating without words, apparently, and that is mainly through his captioned jumpsuits:


You have got to check out this slideshow to see more than 25 of the messages from this tour!

Andre is also promoting his new biopic film about the life of Jimi Hendrix, called All is By My Side:

All is by my side

Great to see him exploring so many of his talents and telling important stories. Have you seen the movie? I haven't yet, but I'm going to!

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