Happy New Year 2015!

goldfish jumping out of the water Hey there, fellow city dwellers, and happy new year!

Today is January 1, 2015, and it seems an appropriate time as any to jump back into blogging! I never intended to allow so many tumbleweeds to blow through here since November, LOL, it's just that life got in the way. I am back with energy, new ideas, a full calendar, and plans for a good time. That's why you read my blog, right?

I don't know about you, but I'm very excited about the upcoming year. While I don't necessarily believe that things "restart" just because the calendar year is new, I heartily subscribe to the belief that each day is another opportunity to live life to the fullest. In my opinion, you don't actually need a holiday to commit to self-improvement or shed demons from the past.

But since today is yet another day in which I'm blessed to be alive, and things are moving forward in beautiful ways in my life, I am more motivated than ever to show up as the best person I can be. The healthiest (physically and mentally), the most organized, the least stressed, and most conscientious person I can be.

There are many reasons why I took an unplanned break from blogging. Mostly it was time for me to hunker down and recalibrate my life. To be honest, the busyness of October rather kicked my ass, and then while I was collecting my thoughts, some moments of deep reflection hit me.

Some parts of the path I was on were not sustainable; they would run out soon without proper planning and the well would be dry. I needed to build a better foundation for all the changes that had happened and were continuing to happen in my life. Goal-setting, humility, strategic thinking, and audits were necessary!

Why were they so necessary? Because in mid-2014, I made a huge change. I did what that airborne goldfish in the above photo is doing: I jumped out of the fray. I left the rat race. I went against the grain.

For better or for worse, I stepped away from a terrain that was crowded, moved on from my steady job, and entered the unknown: working for myself. I have been a freelance writer (and samba dancer) ever since.

In addition to that, I started a business back in July called Whispers to Buzz Social Media and have been so blessed to attract several wonderful clients thus far! It really is a dream come true. Here's a screenshot of my website:

Whispers to Buzz website

So! In 2015, while I make personal resolutions that are similar to the ones that many people make - do more yoga, eat healthier, learn another language, travel more - I also have several professional goals, including smart growth for my company.

I'm also thinking about getting a pet! Maybe a bird?

Alright, this post is longer than I usually write, so I'll wind it on down. But the main thing to know is that I love you readers and I love this blog. My absence was not intentional, but oh so necessary. 2015 is going to be incredible, simply because I am grateful for each day. I love life, I love the family and friends in my life, I am blessed to be loved by a wonderful man, and I look forward to more great times with you city dwellers in 2015.

Cheers to us!

P.S. Also cheers to my two-year blog anniversary which happened in November! LOL, I'm so late.

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