The Optimist


Happy birthday to my lovely friend and photographer, T!

T loves loves loves she-crab soup, so I made reservations at The Optimist, in order to celebrate the day of her birth in style.
It was a wonderful night. Despite being a Wednesday, the place was packed with people ready to eat their fill of east & west coast oysters, octopus, clams, swordfish, rockfish, scallops, haddock, triggerfish, ribeye, and more.
From the minute I set foot in The Optimist nearly a year ago, during its soft opening, I loved the decor. It is difficult to capture in a photo, but the place somehow manages to be vast yet very welcoming.
I might describe it as a vintage airplane hangar that has been Pinterest'd out, filled with light and details and clean lines. The Optimist just always struck me as somewhere I'd like to eat.

Speaking of eating, let's get to it!

Cornmeal crusted rockfish with brussels sprouts, bacon, and pepper jelly
Duck fat poached swordfish with a celery root puree and garlic chile relish
She-crab soup, sweet potatoes with spiced pecans and drizzled in cane syrup, and bok choy with ginger and fresno chilesThe evening only could've gone better if The Rock was our server. (Shouts out to our actual server Daniel, though. He was awesome.)

If the birthday girl had not been wearing a cute mini-dress, I'm sure she would've thrown this surfboard down and hopped on. She's fun like that :)

 TP and I

We actually could've ended our night with some miniature golf, right there on the property (hence the brightly colored golf balls in the picture below), but it was just waaaay too chilly a night for that.

Next time!