Atlanta Santa Speedo Run


If you were driving down Peachtree near 10th Street this Saturday around 2pm, you probably got quite an eyeful. Cheerful, half-naked people with reindeer noses on their bums had for some reason taken over the road! DSC01780

Unless your eyes were deceiving you, which, with my pictorial evidence, I am here to tell you thine eyes were not. Let me tell you what it was all about.

The Atlanta Santa Speedo Run a 1.5 mile fun run and social event to raise money for a selected Atlanta charity. 100% of the net proceeds are donated to the selected charity at the end of each year.

Begun in Atlanta in December 2009 and based off of the successful fundraising event in Boston, the inaugural run of the Atlanta Santa Speedo Run attracted 180 participants and raised more than $42,000 to benefit CHRIS Kids. In subsequent years, it has benefited Camp Twin Lakes, Bert’s Big Adventure, and this year they supported CURE Childhood Cancer, with a goal of raising $150,000.

They have yet to announce if they reached the goal, but the event itself sure was fun to watch! Such brave people to be out there in December in bathing suits! But it's all for charity, and the festive atmosphere, which began at the meeting spot of Hudson Grille on Peachtree Street, permeated the entire event, from kickoff to race end.

The race started off with a giant Santa and a police car, and then it was ON!

Weather-wise, those barely-dressed, kind-hearted souls couldn't have asked for a better day. It was super pleasant for December, but then again, this is Atlanta.

Strategically-placed Christmas stocking. Stocking stuffer, perhaps? (Sorry, that joke was right there!)

This guy's garter belt is genius!

A crown of balloons is like the best thing ever. Second only to the reindeer briefs.

We've all heard of the US Army Special Forces who wear Green Berets... but these guys are giving that a festive makeover with the red berets and painted faces....aaand neon Speedos.

So after the race, the participants reconvened at Hudson Grille for some post-race beers, food, and costume judging. News crews, a van of Sweetwater beer, and other delights abounded, including this guy who had a present for me.

I would be doing my sense of humor a disservice if I did not post a link to this Saturday Night Live classic. I love to laugh!

And I'll go ahead and conclude with most strategically-designed Speedos ever. These guys were super cool, loved their elf ears, too. All in all, a great day for a great, great cause. Next year, who knows? I may have to dust off my Speedo...