Ziplining in Atlanta


I am very fortunate to have amazing friends. We support each other, we laugh, we do our best to prosper using a frugalista lifestyle, and we challenge each other to step outside of our comfort zones. This year for my birthday, J and TJ got us all to go ziplining. They knew that I love trees and that I haven't been ziplining before, and it was the perfect gift; it was even better that everyone was keen to give it a shot, despite some fears of heights and different levels of athleticism.

But we made it, and spent the whole day laughing.

Everybody ready? Check. Harnesses on? Check. Spirit fingers?? Double-check!!
The ziplining place we went to offers 5 different levels of ziplining and tree top obstacles. Look at J tackling a course of connected, floating 2x4s on Level 4. (You can't see them very well, but there are vertical wire cables at each corner, so she has something to reach for. How tough would it be if she had to balance without them, omg!)
G gracefully ziplines to the next tree while TP gets ready to hook up her carabiner and do the same.
TJ is all smiles after tackling a particularly tricky obstacle.
The only way to get to the next tree is to walk across each of these ropes... unfortunately they swing. A lot!

OK, so this rope wall of doom is one of the more daunting challenges on Level 5. You have to kinda Tarzan-swing into it and then hold on. J was standing on the platform I just swung from, so you know it's about 30+ feet away, and since the ground slopes right here, who know how high up it was. So after swinging over, you make your way to the platform on the right; it's the only way to move on. Thank goodness the carabiner keeps you connected at all times!

Me and my girls are all smiles.

Life is too good to waste a minute with a frown. :)