Wish You Were Here... Miami


Getaway This hardworking blogger has finally taken a week off!

As I write this post for you, the ocean breeze is billowing the curtains that lead out to the balcony, beckoning me to step away from this laptop and let the tropical sunshine warm my skin...

I've spent the last four days doing whatever that intoxicating breeze has told me to do, so I can't stop now. Must get back to vacationing.

You see, three of my close friends and I are spending the week on the sandy and caliente shores of Miami, doing little more than eating, hydrating, dancing, and perfecting our cinnamon tans (cue the Will Smith song).


This city is wonderful for both rest and relaxation, as well as some spicy nights. I look forward to compiling some of my favorite pictures when I return to Atlanta. I'll be back soon! ♥

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