Sunny Day in January


Like a mirage in the desert, a sunny day in Atlanta teased us a few weekends ago with 76 degree weather. In January. We knew it would slip through our fingers and real winter weather (blah) would soon be upon us again, so we pulled out the t-shirts and skirts, and enjoyed the sun while we could. I planted trees in the morning with Trees Atlanta, and then hung out with some of my friends at Piedmont Park, Atlanta's most famous greenspace. It was bursting with people, kites, dogs, bikes, families, soccer games, remote control toy airplanes... you name it. Check out the pics for a sense of the day.

Now that the weather has gotten cold again, let us reflect on the joys below.

I don't know if I was happier because of the hoola hoop, or because of T's awesome sunglasses. I think both, equally!

But wait, then I whipped out my own Mardi Gras-inspired sunnies. And told T she just got served. Boo-yaw!

T paid me no mind and continued capturing all the great moments of the day. Beautiful kites soared overhead as we chatted, snacked, sunned, and laughed.
Muscle Town. One-way ticket, please...
This game seemed to involve four guys, a trampoline, and a ball. Anybody know the rules to this??
J can find a moment of zen anywhere.
God bless TP for trying on my sad little crochet hat-creation! That project didn't quite work out, LOL!

I felt so lucky when I discovered this gorgeous ladybug on my knee! She's good luck, right?

And thennn... Baton Bob entered the park!
The phrase "marching to the beat of your own drummer" was created for this guy. You'll see him marching and dancing around Midtown Atlanta, usually during the day, in a wedding dress or a baton uniform or something else equally four-snaps-in-a-circle. You really can't tell him nothin'. Cuz he's awesome.

And when we waved and smiled, he strutted right over to us! With my sunnies, we were like two peas in a pod. :)

Many other interesting sights to behold, such as this guy with his parrot tucked into his t-shirt! Lol! I thinks it's awesome that he brought his beautifully plumed friend to the park with him. Wish I'd seen him in person; I'd have gone over to say hello (and brought  some Tricuits? You know, Polly want a cracker? No? OK.).

But of course, my fave part of the day is just friendship. :)

WAIT A MINUTE! Was there also a marriage proposal??? Yes, yes, there was!

These good folks showed up and rolled out a large sign, leaving everyone in the park wondering what was going on! Out of respect, we didn't go over to take a closer look, lest we infringe on the moment somehow, but J caught this pic in which you can read out: "Carrie, will you marry me?" Awesome!

Guess who flew overhead in a helicopter a short time later, hovering over the sign?? I'm thinking it was Carrie! Her loved ones on the ground waved up at her with big smiles, and hell, we started waving too! It was a group thing. What a cool moment. What an awesome day.