The Sublime Doughnut Burger

After a long and fun summer spent working hard, squeezing in a few trips, and crossing a couple items off the bucket list (namely this one!), my friend Jeana and I met in midtown to catch up over drinks and a couple of nibbles.

I hadn't been to Cypress Street Pint & Plate in a couple of years, and was pleasantly surprised to find the pub overflowing with Atlantans who were glad the work day was done (like me!) and were ready to soak up the cooler autumn weather.

We found ourselves a spot, ordered our cocktails, and took portraits of each other:

(She was feeling under the weather that day and is still that pretty. Le sigh.)

The menu is filled with beer and food options, but someone had told me about the Sublime Burger, and I had my sights set on that.

As healthy an eater as I like to think I am, when I saw the Sublime Burger on the menu at , I had to give it a try.

Without further ado, folks, here she is:

The City Dweller - Doughnut Burger - Atlanta (8).jpg

I gotta say, it was actually quite good!

The sweet Krispy Kreme doughnut combined with the savory, salty burger in a surprisingly delicious way.

The City Dweller - Doughnut Burger - Atlanta (9).jpg

As you see, they also added bacon:

Sublime Burger - The City Dweller.gif

And bacon makes everything better, omg.

All and all, I def recommend trying this, at least once!