Street Art: Reynoldstown Ants


I'm digging this interesting street art in Reynoldstown. Ants - Street Art - The City Dweller (7)

I believe this mural was painted by artists Labrona and OverUnder for Living Walls in 2011.

It's cheeky, isn't it? Late night at work, the lightbulb swinging over the heads of two exhausted workers who've finally succumbed to the need to sleep.

We've all felt this way at work before, amiright?

Ants - Street Art - The City Dweller (6)

Hopefully without a colony of over-sized ants crawling all over us, though.

Ants - Street Art - The City Dweller (2)

These ants are the stuff of nightmares. Amazing these blokes can sleep so soundly.

Ants - Street Art - The City Dweller (1)

The crackled parking lot on the south side of this building adds interesting contrast to the uniformity of the bricks and the beautiful teal.

I like the geometric pool of light, and how the real-life steel-barred windows and door are incorporated into the piece as chairs, a table, and even something to lean back against to catch some zzz's.

Ants - Street Art - The City Dweller (3)

I'm also curious about the choice to make the men grey. Nameless, faceless, I suppose they are the Everyman, depicting a relatable scene from work or school.


are they suspects that have been grilled in the detective's interrogation room for hours on end and they aren't giving up the deets on what really happened on the rainy night of September 23rd??

The plot thickens.

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