Street Art: BeltLine Sign

The underpass near The Masquerade on North Ave has a new bit of street art that honors the Atlanta BeltLine!

No longer a dank, forgotten swath of concrete, this underpass is now as vibrant as many parts of the BeltLine itself, which glides right above it, in the form of the popular Eastside Trail.

This piece appeals to me, not only because I love a good mélange of colors, but also because it's nice to see the BeltLine itself get some shine.

Art abounds in many places on the BeltLine, but an actual shout-out to this cool, citywide, redevelopment project that is shifting the face of Atlanta into a more cohesive whole is nice to see.

It was a bit hard to get it all in one photograph with my fixed lens (without standing in the street), so I've got a few angles to show you, and hopefully we can stitch it together into one experience. :-)

I didn't like math in school, but I sure do love a geometric shape when it comes to art! Digging the color blocking here, too.