Street Art: Ashley Ave NE

The other day, I was scrolling through the Living Walls website, browsing the map of street art that they've done in Atlanta, and I came across one that intrigued me. Since I would be passing that area on my way to Little Five, I decided to stop by. So glad I did!

The artist, Fintan Magee, is amazing!

From what I see on his website, he specializes in creating surreal scenarios with the people in his art, making them float or fall or carry another person on a mattress or even stroll through water with an iceberg in their backpack.

So naturally, these two floating girls, amid clouds and blood raindrops and other details like that, are definitely in his wheelhouse.

One girl has a city balanced on (or growing out of) her belly, while her friend floats over helpfully with a hammer.

Maybe the girls are clouds themselves. Colors slide off of them in drips, like so many drops of rain.

I also like how the artist incorporated the vertical beams of the building, sometimes painting the girls in front of the beams or behind them.

Birds soar blithely nearby.

And the surrounding area for this art adds to piece. This piece is in the middle of a construction area (for the moment, anyway), with equipment, piles of mud, barbed wire, and other elements around. It's a stark contrast to this floating, girlish, suspended moment in time.

Around the corner is another piece, seen below in the foreground shadows.

It's the same artist and concept, but the girl seems to be having a different experience, and is by herself.

Dying and ascending to heaven?

Arched back in ecstasy?

Just got sucker punched and is literally airborne on her way to the ground?

Or perhaps, all this time, it's been just one girl, the same girl, going through a range of experiences. I've only just noticed that the matching clothing among all three might not just be a school uniform or that they're sisters, but simply one person.

Maybe the first piece was her having an out of body experience with herself?

I've got no idea!

It's fun to speculate, though, and given that the artist likes to bend reality while keeping a straight face, there's no point in trying to figure anything out! Just enjoy.

P.S. I don't know if you noticed this Easter egg hidden in one of the pictures above, but this song will be in your head all day:

Told ya!

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