Red Bull Illume in Atlanta

I have to tell you about a free outdoor photography exhibit that you cannot miss! Red Bull Illume, the world’s largest international photography competition dedicated to action and adventure sports, is here in Atlanta, at Piedmont Park, March 20th through March 30th.


As you see in the pictures below, once night starts to fall, this exhibit comes alive...

Light Boxes - The City DwellerImage courtesy of Red Bull Illume

OK, it's not nearly as haunted as I just made it sound. In fact, it's not haunted at all. It is beyond cool.

You've never seen photographs like these, and if you have, it is rare to sees them on such a large scale with such high resolution, clarity, and detail.

Red Bull Illume brings you up-close and personal with 25 life-sized, illuminated light boxes that feature the top 50 action and adventure sports photography on the planet.

Carefully selected and curated to showcase action images so exciting and creative, you won't believe they aren't CGI.

Red Bull Illume - The City Dweller (3)

Red Bull Illume - The City Dweller (2)

The exhibition launched on March 20th with much fanfare, including a skydiving stunt into the park by the Red Bull Air Force, performances by invited athletes, a live DJ, a mini-skatepark, and live broncolor photo demonstrations by professional photographers.

Atlanta Skyline and Light Boxes - The City DwellerImage courtesy of Red Bull Illume

Red Bull Illume - The City Dweller (4)

I definitely encourage you to pop over to Piedmont Park before this free exhibit leaves us. It's so unique and interesting; I've been to many a photography exhibit, but I definitely want to see more action-adventure images!

No more landscapes for me, lol. My eyes have been opened.

Besides, if you're anything like me, you've got a serious case of cabin fever right about now. Getting outside in one of Atlanta's most beloved parks for a crisp evening with friends might be just the thing you need to shake the winter blues and kickstart spring. Worth a shot, right? LOL.

For more information, check out redbullillume!

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