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Earlier this year, I joined a vibrant online community called the Nomadness Travel Tribe, which brings together over 11,000 people of color who have a likeminded obsession with world travel. logo_nomadness_2013Is obsession too strong a word? Perhaps it is a bit strong. But it certainly hits the mark. The people in this group don't have travel on their bucket list as a "would be nice" or "someday" kind of interest. It is part of their lives like air, and paying for plane tickets is factored into their monthly budgets like any other bill.

Don't get the wrong idea, though; this isn't a group of travel snobbery. You won't be shamed if you like to travel domestically or only to Caribbean beaches. But in Nomadness, you'll definitely find a large concentration of people who actively seek out plane tickets to places like Turkey, Russia, Madagascar, Bolivia, Greenland, UAE, Cambodia... you name it.


Photo courtesy of Nomadness

I love it! Exploring the world is what Nomadness is about, and I feel very fortunate to be connected to a group like this, to learn from them, to travel with them, to have a network of people that I can put out a Bat Signal to if ever I'm in a country and need a bit of help from a fellow traveler or expat.

Back in July, the annual Tribe BBQ took place in Atlanta, and I was excited to go and meet some of the people I'd spent so any hours connecting with online:

Nomadness Atlanta BBQ 2015

I enjoyed myself so much that when the High Council announced they were hosting the inaugural Nomadness travel conference in September, I knew I wanted to be there. It was held in New York City, where I hadn't been in years, so I booked a few days in a cute Airbnb in the East Village and roamed around the city.

The one-day conference was informative, with panels discussing everything from the business of travel blogging to dating while being a nomad (no easy feat). It was great to experience an in-person version of our online travel tribe; the discussions, the jokes, the banter, and the camaraderie gave me life.

I really like being part of Nomadness Travel Tribe. Learn more about the group on their website, and consider joining us around the world!

And, in case you didn't know:

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