There's a certain peace that melts over you when you truly relax. When you jettison your watch and your alarms and your schedule, when you have no to-do list looming large, no meetings.

Simply nowhere you've got to be.

You begin to tap into a deep well of contentment that you didn't even know you had.

No matter how satisfying your life is, the peace of releasing all forms of hectic-ness (whether traffic, work, family life, or all of the above) is scarcely to be described.

I'm living it. And it is phenomenal.

Here in Aruba, we sleep when we want.

We spend hours sunbathing, letting that vitamin D fortify our bodies.

Any request can be fulfilled.

We watch the sun set over the clearest, most beautiful ocean I've ever seen in person.

You know those screensavers with gorgeous ocean views? I'm looking at them in real life.

The ocean even mesmerizes in M's sunglasses, look at that perfect reflection:

I truly don't want to leave.

In fact, I think I should just stay on this rock and fulfill my mermaid destiny.

And if you go to a beach with as strong a sea breeze as Aruba is known for,

and you happen to have brought a white button down shirt with you (for sun protection),

definitely do a Michael Jackson impression, moonwalk and all.

You'll have the whole beach cracking up at your silliness: