Imagine Music Festival 2015 Recap

August is my favorite month of the year. It's my birthday month (woot woot!), and the gods conspired to give me the best birthday celebration a girl could hope for: the Imagine Music Festival, which took place on August 28th & 29th.

I feel most alive when I'm dancing, and nothing moves me quite like the bass dropping on a hot track from a DJ that really knows what he or she is doing. I'm relatively new to the awesomeness that is electronic dance music, but when I learned about it, my love for it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Going to edm festivals have given me hands-down the funnest (yep, I've decided that that's a word) and most free times of my life, and I highly recommend that you attend one at least once!

Imagine Music Festival is one of my favorites because of the stellar quality of show, the world-class DJs that they bring to Atlanta, the good vibes, the beautiful venue at Historic Fourth Ward Park, and the professionalism of the showrunners, IRIS Presents.

I joined approximately 25,000 other festival-goers this year, and while I love the pictures I took, I am obsessed with the official pictures from their photographers. Check these out, and if you want to buy tickets to the 2016 festival already, I wouldn't blame you...

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (27)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (24)

If you don't know what the Imagine Music Festival is, here are some quick deets:

The Imagine Music Festival is a two-day dance music festival which takes place at the end of August in Atlanta, GA. Founded by IRIS Presents, the festival hosts the world’s top electronic musicians, DJ’s, and bands along with captivating cirque style acts & performances. Read this interview with the founder of the festival.

Imagine Music Festival utilizes three venues – Historic Fourth Ward Park, Masquerade Music Park, and Clear Creek Basin – to combine music with a dynamic sound and lighting production to create an unforgettable, 360-degree experience. Brace yourself for 17 acres of music, tasty delights, abundant bars, breathtaking water features, the Imagine Festival Arts Avenue, the official Imagine Festival Merch store, and FREE water stations, plus more.

Check out the lady on stilts, soaring high above the crowd:

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (3)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (21)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (28)

And then night falls.

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (1)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (9)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (17)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (25)

Imagine Music Fest 2015 (20)

One of the owners, Glenn Goodhand, said this about the festival:

We measure success by coupling the energy and joy of all the people attending, with the lifelong memories and friendships that were made. We could not have been any more successful! We have the most amazing team aka family, and the entire festival is developed from the festival-goer’s perspective, paying close attention to every detail. I think the fans appreciate and recognize the love we have for each of them.

We strive for perfection but enjoy the process of learning from our mistakes. We remain steadfast in our devotion to make each person's time at Imagine Festival, the most magical experience possible. The moment on stage when we asked if everyone had fun, and the response by the roar of the crowd was deafening, brought us all to tears. This is why we all work tirelessly to provide everyone a few of those special moments in life that will last forever in hearts and minds.

It is really nice to know that Iris Presents cares so deeply about delivering the best show.  I absolutely love it.

In 2016, the festival may be moving to a new location, since they seem to be outgrowing Historic Fourth Ward Park. The great news is that some of the prospective venues will allow for camping, taking the festival experience to whole new levels.

All in all, I can't wait for 2016!

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