Gibbs Garden

Two things I really love are nature and photography. I got the chance to combine both when Natalie and I trekked an hour north of Atlanta to Gibbs Garden.

I'd been to Gibbs once before and knew I needed to return to both experience the beauty again, and to photograph it with a macro lens that I wanted to rent from Apeturent.

City life is exciting, but sometimes you need to reset with nature, and Gibbs Garden really knows how to let nature shine. A marvel in planning and vision, this garden is the passion project of Jim Gibbs, who has cultivated these 290 acres lovingly over the past several decades.

With 24 ponds, 32 bridge crossings, and 19 waterfalls, Gibbs Garden is definitely a place to recharge your batteries and breathe in sheer beauty. Take a peek at some of the pics I got!

(I apologize in advance for some of the frequent shots; there are a few which I couldn’t decide which to post! As I got to know the macro lens, I found a few moments that I really like.)

The vista below staggered me because it was real. Completely unfiltered.

This looks like an idyllic painting. Couldn’t believe I was seeing it with my own eyes.

The flora surrounding this little lake absolutely stole my heart, and I would love to have this as my dream backyard.

And I’ll end this post with the joy of these butterflies:


I definitely recommend that you visit Gibbs Garden, anytime of the year! There’s always something interesting growing.