Driving a Lamborghini

My boyfriend and I share a passion for cars.

I like looking at hotrods and classic cars at Caffeine & Octane, and even have been known to go to motorcycle conventions.

M loves rally cars and such, but I knew he’d also appreciate the chance to drive a Lamborghini. So when I saw a Groupon offering a ride, I thought it’d be a great birthday present for him. ♥

Lambourghini - The City Dweller (2).jpg

I got one for myself as well, knowing it would be super fun. I’m not one to stand on the sidelines.

And since I have a dress that looks like a race flag, I wore it. :-)


My boyfriend had a great time, which is most important! It was OK for me. The drawbacks were that, since I decided to get the Go Pro video "add-on", I was put in the Lamborghini that had the Go Pro pre-strapped to it, which was a less impressive, older, orange Lamborghini.

Not the awesome white one that was used in the advertising. Sot that was a little anti-climactic.

But my boyfriend got the white one, so that was perfect.

Lambourghini - The City Dweller (11).jpg

The other “womp womp” was the fact that the track was in the parking lot at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Not ON the speedway; the outer parking lot, and only a section of it.

For this driving experience, there were hundreds of traffic tiny cones that designated the "track".

Even looking at the track (never mind driving it), it was hard for me to discern the exact pattern that the tiny cones were making out, especially because there were turns and whatnot, as well as several tracks alongside each other, for other cars.

Imagine a six-lane highway with hairpin turns... with dots for lines.

Lamborghini - The City Dweller (12).gif

I ordered a ride-along add-on, and was surprised that it took place AFTER I drove.

I genuinely thought I would first ride with the professional rider, get to know the car and the track, and then I'd do my laps.

Not the case. The guy said hello and then I was to get in the driver's seat and navigate those tiny cones in the parking lot in a car in which you wanted to feed your need for speed, but had only moments to get familiar with.

Ah well, I can roll with it!

Lambourghini - The City Dweller (7).jpg

All in all, you get what you pay for. I should've bought the Porsche Driving Experience here in Atlanta.

C'est la vie. My boyfriend was delighted, so it was all good!

Lambourghini - The City Dweller (10).jpg