Chicago-Style Dogs at YumDiggity

May I start by saying that I don't actually like hot dogs. I will not eat one from the supermarket; they just make my stomach turn.

The one exception to my hot dog ban is YumDiggity, at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

This bad boy is aptly named Digging in the Garden, and it groans under the weight of heaping piles of tomatoes, relish, hot peppers, onions, and mustard.

It's a Chicago-style dog, which means if I ever visit Chi-town (on my list!), I may find myself eating these left and right.

Because damn.

Maybe I just love to eat the toppings, and the rather tasty hot dog underneath is a welcome compliment in flavor?

Whatever it is, I'm a customer for life!

All of the sausages are handmade from all-natural meats (beef, chicken) with no fillers or artificial additives.

Their menu is large, and they will make you a custom dog with the toppings of your choosing. But me and Digging in the Garden are BFFs.

Just wanted to share. You'll find YumDiggity in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market at 209 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30303.