Fernbank After Dark


If you're looking for a fun activity on a Friday night, be sure to check out Fernbank After Dark! I remember loving the Martinis & IMAX event at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, so when I heard about their new adults-only event, I made sure to check it out.

Lucky for us, the night we wanted to go happened to be the kickoff party for the summer!

Fernbank After Dark takes place on the second Friday of every month, and offers a variety of after-hours experiences, including evening access to exhibits, live music, full bars, tapas, and films in the giant screen theater.

If you love going to museums as much as I do, this is a great event to keep on your radar. You can wander the whole museum at your leisure, meet new people, and just shake off the work week!

Once you arrive, you'll find the music, drinks, and food in the main lobby, pictured above with the Fernbank's signature dinosaur replicas towering above. (Hint: this is a pretty popular event, so arrive early and grab a couple of cocktails before lines form!)

After being social and meeting up with friends (or making new ones), you can either explore the museum or head outside.

I've always really liked the beautiful natural area surrounding the museum, and now that the new WildWoods elevated walkway has been added, there are more ways that ever to experience it. It loops through the woods, bringing you face to face with flora, fauna, art, and play areas for kids and adults!

Here are a couple of pics from our experience:

It's definitely worth exploring!

I wanted to get some film of the walkway, but there were sooo many people everywhere and I didn't feel comfortable filming people without their permission first. Though I wanted to get footage of how cool the pods are (see a slideshow of pics here!), I'll have to save that for a less popular day!

Until next time, Fernbank After Dark!

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