Be Downtown - Atlanta


It's no secret that I love living in Atlanta. The pace is right (except rush hour traffic; that's waaay too slow), the people are nice, and I always, always find something to do! Somewhere delicious to eat, some new activity to try, new friends to meet. I spend a lot of time downtown. I have a couple of wonderful clients in that area, and some of my favorite watering holes are The SoundTable and Studio No .7. My favorite street in Atlanta is Broad Street; there's something about those tall, lollipop live oak trees that line the street that remind me of Brooklyn Heights in the springtime, and it just steals my heart every time.

Some of my fondest memories have happened at Centennial Olympic Park, including seeing Outkast and a free N.E.R.D concert. I really like the Center for Civil and Human Rights, as well as the College Football Hall of Fame; those are really well done attractions, and it's always nice to pop into somewhere new downtown and grab a bite afterwards.

So yes, I'd say downtown ATL has stolen my heart. Kudos to Central Atlanta Progress for producing a video that does such a great job of capturing the energy of this ever-evolving part of town:

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

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