Sunflower Field

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.

Yellow is my favorite color, and worshiping the sun is something that I can relate to.

I love that they turn their heads to face the golden rays of sunshine; I love that bees and butterflies love them; and I love seeing them standing tall and proud, all gathered together.

I can’t wait to have a field of them in my forever home, packed wall to wall with pollinators gathering nectar.

So naturally I loved spending an afternoon at Anderson Sunflower Farm in Cumming, GA, with Natalie.

You remember her from our hot air balloon adventure in Asheville; we love having adventures together, large scale and small!

There were several people milling around, getting family photos, graduation-type pics, and pics in the barn and comely pick up trucks that were on the property.

I didn’t take pics of anyone posing on the trucks, because that felt weird in a paparazzi way, but the images had a country music, ‘wistful day on the farm’ kind of vibe.

But the real star of the show were these beautiful flowers.

Can’t wait to walk through these fields of gold again.