Welcome to my little section of The Online. You could be anywhere, folks, but you've found my site, and I am pleased to have you.

My name is Bethany, and I'm a city dweller currently based in Atlanta, GA. I wear a couple of hats, like marketer, photographer, writer, baker, and crafter.

And since I’ve just added this #blackgirlmagic gif of me dancing in the insane wind in Aruba, we might as well add dancer to the mix as well! (Yes, I am doing my best Michael Jackson moves. I happened to be wearing a white button-down shirt, and thus had to do a moonwalk, a few stomps, a kick, and a spin. Please don’t judge me.)

Anywho, I would say the main word to describe me is simply that I'm curious.

As you poke around my blog, you'll see that a lot of things pique my interest (I've been told I have the attention span of a flea) and I have a lot of energy, so if I catch wind of a new art gallery, restaurant, concert, museum, park, festival, etc., I'll add it to my calendar to go check it out. When I go, I often take pictures and share with you what I see.

Starting this blog has given me much more than I ever expected, mainly by making me more accountable to actually exploring what my city has to offer. So many wonderful opportunities have come my way, and in the future I look forward to expanding the blog, incorporating more travel, and linking up with other bloggers more frequently.

Being a writer, blogger, and an entrepreneur can be a trifecta of isolated living, basically meaning that I rarely have a water cooler to chat around, ho hum.

But what I do have is a blog that I'm reeeally proud of; it's both a portfolio of my writing and photography, as well as a witness to my life. I've made friends all over Atlanta, and the world, because of opportunities this blog has opened up, and those friendships, those experiences, are priceless.

So I wouldn't trade the writing lifestyle for anything. As my boyfriend will tell you, writing, editing photos, and designing graphics is right up my alley. All I need is a sundress, a laptop, Wi-Fi, and Adobe, and I'm a happy girl. (I'll take a popsicle as well.)

It's a pleasure to meet you. See ya around. ♥