Define City Dweller (ci•ty dwell•er):

One who resides in a city, learns its ins and outs, attunes their heartbeat with the city's heartbeat, and may or may not cut a bitch for talking sh*t about said city.

Ahem. OK, that definition may not be 100% valid in a court of law. Whatever, I never said I was 😂

Who am I? I’m Bethany, a writing, photography, and marketing professional who is constantly on the prowl for a good time.

What piques my interest? A better question would be what doesn’t.

My motto is show up and see what happens. This philosophy has rewarded me with friends for life, a career, an incurable case of FOMO (fear of missing out), and a Google Calendar that sometimes bursts at the seams.

I started this blog to make myself get out more, and I love that so many readers have found it inspiring, too. There’s so much fun and wonder in the world, whether it’s in your own backyard or in locales you never thought you’d visit.

I love getting absorbed into the unique culture of each city I spend time in. From the music to food to history to the arts to natural spaces, cities all have their unique heartbeat. I love to dance to that beat.

And in a lot of ways, I’m still looking for home. I’ve lived in a lot of cities since I was a kid, which means that I can make myself comfortable pretty much anywhere… but I’d also just love to find that place that steals my heart. That makes me say, yes, this is where I want to plant my roots now.

So this blog is a quest. But for me, the journey is as intoxicating as the destination.

Have a poke around my travel & lifestyle blog, see what shenanigans tickle your fancy, drop me a line if you have a suggestion or want to collaborate or host me in your city, check out my book of date ideas, and connect with me on Instagram if you want to see a few more behind-the-scenes.

I appreciate you stopping by, and I can’t wait to see your city. ♥